Green Beret Fitness Events

Green Beret Fitness Events are designed to take everyday warriors out of their comfort zone and push the limits of their physical and mental toughness in a fun but challenging environment.

Tough challenge

Strong mind

Fit body


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Upcoming Events

GBF Urban: Operation DEVIL RAY
GBF Urban: Operation GREEN SANTA
Seaward CrossFit
GBF Urban: Operation MARAKEY
GBF Urban: Operation POMPANO
Pompano Beach
Exercise DAWN
Location is TBD
GBF Rural: Operation OCALA
Palermo Pizza And Italian Restaurant
GBF Rural: Operation BUCKWHEAT
Coon Tree Picnic Area
S.A.S Selection
Blue Ridge Mountains
GBF Urban: Operation THEO
3 Daughters Brewing
GBF Urban: Operation SIESTA
Siesta Beach Main Car Park

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