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Green Beret Fitness (GBF) was founded in 2018 by former British Army Officer and Green Beret, Gregg McLeod. Gregg spent 15 years in the Army, completing his Green Beret Commando course in 2010. His final two years were spent working with the United Kingdom Special Forces in London, England.

"People are capable of more than they think" was the starting ethos, and from that belief, Green Beret Fitness was born. The methods and tactics used in Green Beret Fitness Events are selected to take everyday warriors to their physical and mental limits. Teamwork plays a critical role in the military and it is no different in our events. 


We wanted events that were different. We wanted them to be hard. We wanted people to be pushed to their limits and come away stronger for the experience. We wanted our Members to embody our motto: 


Operation Herrick Soldiers Afghanistan
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