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Fri, Feb 05


Celery Fields

Exercise DAWN (Florida)

12+/- Hours. How hard can it be...

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Exercise DAWN (Florida)
Exercise DAWN (Florida)

Time & Location

Feb 05, 2021, 11:00 PM

Celery Fields, 6893 Palmer Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34240, USA

About the Event

Minimum Distance: CLASSIFIED

Start Time: Friday 5 FEB 21 2300hrs

Start Location: Celery Fields, Sarasota, Florida


Finish Location: Celery Fields, Sarasota, Florida


Green Beret Fitness will deliver a 12+/- hour event that simulates Arduous Course Selection in the British Military. The event is an individual assessment of mental and physical strength and has pass / fail criteria.


Candidates must complete the whole course, including the initial Basic Fitness Test, to the required standard to be successful and earn the Ex DAWN Dog Tag.


Candidates will be ready to begin at 2300hrs on the Friday and receive a brief on the exercise followed by a kit check and kit weigh-in. Backpacks must weigh 55 lbs for the Basic Fitness Test. After the 8 miler is complete, the weight will be reduced to 35 lbs. Phones and keys will be removed from candidates.

The Basic Fitness Test will be the first event and candidates who fail any portion of the Test will be Returned to Unit (RtU). Minimum standards to continue:

  • 55 push-ups minimum: 2 minutes
  • 65 sit-ups minimum: 2 minutes
  • 8-Mile Loaded March: maximum time allotted is 2 hours (with 55lbs backpack)

The Main Events List (MEL) will begin after the Basic Fitness Test. Candidates will not be briefed on the MEL or what to expect for the next XX hours.

Successful candidates will receive a personalised Exercise DAWN Dog Tag and t-shirt in the mail after the event.

Service Support

- Dress. Candidates' dress will be a personal choice but they are reminded this is a 12+/- hour event covering distance and getting dirty / crawling. Changes of clothes may be desired and spare socks are essential. Having a spare set of clothes/shoes waiting for you in your car would be sensible. Hats, sunglasses, long-sleeved shirts and long pants are recommended. Wet weather gear is also advised in case of inclement weather conditions.

- Equipment. This list is mandatory and not optional:

  • Backpack
  • Emergency rations (see below)
  • Waterproof Bag/Dry Sack
  • Boots/trail running shoes that will not hold water
  • Work Gloves
  • Spare clothes
  • Windbreaker
  • Base layer top, long-sleeved
  • Foot Care Kit
  • Vaseline or Anti-Chafing Gel
  • Sunscreen (recommend SPF 50+)
  • 2 x Water Bottle 2 litre (no water bladders allowed)
  • GBF Beanie or similar
  • Headlight (spare batteries)
  • Spare flashlight
  • Chem-light/cyalume.

We also advise you to have a sleeping system in your car so you can rest before you drive anywhere.

Prohibited items include:

  • Watch/GPS/Pedometer
  • Medicine, unless potentially life-saving
  • Weapons/Knives
  • Jewellery of any kind

- Replen. There will be drinking water with the GBF DS at the admin’ area. There will be no food available for candidates.

- Rations. Candidates must have a minimum of 2 x chocolate bars as emergency rations.

- Water. Candidates must carry a minimum of 4 litres of water. The use of hydration bladders is NOT ALLOWED.

- Medical. If any GBF staff deems a candidate is unfit to continue, they will be withdrawn from the event for their own safety.

- Transport. Candidates are advised to be dropped off and picked up where possible; this ensures candidates are not driving while tired.

- Wildlife. Candidates will be sharing the Exercise Area with native wildlife; show them respect and keep your distance.

- Timings.

Fri 5 Feb 21

2300: Exercise DAWN begins.

Sat 6 Feb 21

TBC: Exercise DAWN concludes.

Command and Signal

GBF HQ - 9419939432

Other GBF DS will be introduced at the event.


  • How many miles is it? Don’t ask.
  • Is this an individual event? Yes.


This is a 12+/- hour simulation of British Military Basic Training and Selection. There will be testing, teaching, and assessing throughout the event. GBF Directing Staff do not want to fail you and will give you every opportunity to pass if you reach the standard. The unknown mental elements of the event are as difficult as the physical elements. Be prepared.

Weight. Candidates will have 55 lbs for the 8 mile march (based on basic British Infantry). After successful completion of the 8 miler, the weight will be reduced to 35 lbs. Water is not included in these weights.

Event Numbers.

Maximum: For safety reasons, a maximum of 30 candidates will be allowed to compete in Exercise DAWN.

Minimum: This event requires a minimum of 10 people. If the event is cancelled, your money will be refunded.

Entrance Fee:


Additional Information. The following document may be informative:

  1. The Loaded March: Overview


  • Exercise DAWN

    Tax: +$6.65 TAX+$2.54 service fee
    Sale ended



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