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What is Green Beret Fitness?

Green Beret Fitness is a fitness events company based on military training, tactics, and techniques. Events are designed to take everyday warriors out of their comfort zone and push the limits of their physical and mental toughness.

What people say


Tina, 51, business owner

My team and I had a blast prepping, planning our route and strategising along the way. I felt strong and powerful. Great way to boost confidence and determination.


Matt, 30, fitness trainer & Athlete

I had a great experience with GBF. It was such a different challenge physically and mentally from your typical race, event, or workout. I look forward to signing up for the next one!


Susan, 55, Business  owner

What a fun experience to have with my family! Some of us wondered if we could do it. As soon as we were done we searched for the next one! My advice would be to wear good shoes, get a sturdy backpack and most of all, SIGN UP.


Meghan, 24, Photographer

A fun, yet physical and mental challenge! It’s a good way to test your limits with your friends, definitely will do it again!


Eduardo, 28, accountant

Mentally speaking, It was an incredible experience. GBF003 showed me how much more I could know my friends through fitness, missions and tough moments. I really got to know my bunch a lot yesterday, and I had a great day!!!

  • Exercise DAWN (Florida)
    Celery Fields
  • Operation OCALA
  • Operation FRANKTON
    Jacksonville Beach Pier
  • Operation SHAMROCK
  • Exercise DAWN (Texas)
    George Bush Park/Eldridge
  • Operation BUCKWHEAT
    Coon Tree Picnic Area
  • Operation STIRLING (S.A.S Selection)
  • GBF Urban: Operation THEO
    3 Daughters Brewing
  • GBF Urban: Operation SIESTA
    Siesta Beach Main Car Park
  • Operation GREEN SANTA (Sarasota)
    Tamiami Tap




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