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    "Find Peace In Chaos" - it's about keeping your focus when the world around you is falling down. About focussing on the goal and not being distracted.


    "Tough.Strong.Fit" - it's our official motto and it's about finding those who are able to take on a challenge and overcome it. It's not just physical, it's mental too.


    "#PeanutPower" - Peanut is the mascot for Green Beret Fitness. He was rescued from a shelter with a heart condition that required serious surgery. He never lets his disability impact his life and he wakes up each day happy, excited, and ready to go. We encourage you to live your lives in the same way.


    "The Mountains are Calling" - the mountains offer peace and tranquility or challenge and hardship. They are our safe space and our proving grounds. They never stop calling... And we'll never stop answering.


    "We Seek the Adventure Seekers" - we are a company set on adventure and getting into the wild. We are seeking those who want adventure, and those who want to leave the confines of the city and explore the great outdoors. We Seek the Adventure Seekers.


    "The Perfect Hiking Partner" - hiking is great fun, but it's even better when you have your four-legged companions!


    "Cats Cleans & Caffeine" - it's a good day when you get all these three in your life!


    "Dogs Donuts & Deadlifts" - three of the best things in the world, all together on one t-shirt!


    "Danger is Real. Fear is a Choice." - Danger is a fact related to a certain event or situation. Fear is an emotional reaction to that danger. You can't control the danger - you can control your reaction to it.


    "Making You Rucking Awesome" - Green Beret Fitness isn't like other companies. We're better. And that makes you better. We organise awesome challenging events, and we attract awesome people who want a challenge.


    Printed in the USA on top quality tri-blend t-shirts to ensure a comfortable and cool fit. The new Green Beret Fitness t-shirts are ideal for working out or leisure wear.


    Available in Black Heather, Military Green, Olive Green, Commando Green, Athletic Gray, and Tan.

    Green Beret Fitness - T-Shirts

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