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  • Operation YOSEMITE


    Introducing the Green Beret Fitness "Operation YOSEMITE" t-shirt, celebrating our unforgettable event next to Yosemite National Park.


    Yosemite's serene beauty hides a brutal reality: it's home to some of nature's toughest creatures, including the formidable black bear. Just like these bears, our participants will have to demonstrate strength, resilience, and a fierce determination to navigate and survive this challenging terrain.


    In true California style, this t-shirt blends the wild essence of Yosemite with a cool, laid-back vibe. It’s a reminder that while the state may be known for its beaches and sunshine, its heart lies in the wild, untamed spirit of places like Yosemite.


    Wear this t-shirt to honor the bravery and grit it took to conquer the wilds of Operation YOSEMITE and embody the adventurous spirit of California.


    Please allow up to two weeks for delivery.

    Operation YOSEMITE

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